I'm trying to write a simple golang program that lists the files in a directory. Whenever my shell command yields multiple lines, it registers in Go as an array

For example, when i try the following:

import (
func main (){

    out,err := exec.Command("ls").Output()
    if err != nil {


I end up with the output [101 108 105 109 115 116 97 116 115 46 105 109 108 10 101 110 118 10 115 99 114 97 116 99 104 10 115 114 99 10]

I feel like this is a common thing to do but wasn't able to find it on here anywhere.


The return type of the first value from Output is []byte. fmt.Println is displaying the numeric values of each slice element.

To show the desired result of the output of the command, you can either convert the byte slice to a string or use a format string with the %s verb:



fmt.Printf("%s\n", out)

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