Currently I have a script that sets compression using the GZIP environment variable.

With gzip 1.8 I get a warning:

warning: GZIP environment variable is deprecated; use an alias or script

How should tar be invoked so the compression level be set?

Current command:

GZIP=-9 tar -zcf ... files to compress ...


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You can specify the compression program using: -I / --use-compress-program=COMMAND.

So the original command:

GZIP=-9 tar -zcf ... files to compress ...


tar -I 'gzip -9' -cf ... files to compress ...

From this answer.


Depends on the OS, and the version of tar that ships with it. If it's BSD and/or macOS, you can just:

tar --options gzip:compression-level=9 -czf foo.tar.gz foo.txt

Otherwise, you could just take the compression stage into your own hands:

tar -cf - foo.txt | gzip -9 > foo.tar.gz

Some older versions of tar do support the -I option to specify a compression command. So older versions cannot be used with something like -I 'gzip -9'.

A more portable and reliable solution is to handle the compression yourself with a pipe as mentioned in the other answer.


pigz supports the environment variable. It is compatible with gzip, so you could install it with the name gzip.

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