In my jcr node I have the key subpage and it holds the value of type String[]:

{"title":"some title1", "url":"some url1"}
{"title":"some title2", "url":"some url2"}
{"title":"some title3", "url":"some url3"}
{"title":"some title4", "url":"some url4"}

how can I access it in java?

I tried:

ValueMap contentValueMap = resource.getValueMap();

String subpages = contentValueMap.get("subpage", String.class);


but it only prints the first string:

{"title":"some title1", "url":"some url1"}

how can I reach the rest of them?

  • thanks, I can use it, but I don't know how to proceed, or rather - how it can be helpful in my case :( Sep 12, 2017 at 12:55

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this should work-

String[] subpages = contentValueMap.get("subpage", String[].class);
  • of course it works. how come I haven't tried it before :| thanks man! Sep 12, 2017 at 13:14

As awd mentions

String[] subPages = contentValueMap.get("subpage", String[].class);

works and is the recommended solution. This is accessing data at Sling layer. Just incase you need to dive deeper and access at JCR layer, code will look like

Node node=resource.adaptTo(Node.class);
Value[] subPages = node.getProperty("subpage").getValues();

This will be helpful for Node level operations. But it is advisable to work at higher layers at Sling or AEM.

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