Somewhere in my code it says


Upon executing this, I got

AttributeError: 'RelatedManager' object has no attribute 'remove'

And indeed: I looked at dir(publisher.publisherperson_set) and it had plenty of operations (including add), but not remove.

Under which circumstances is this possible?


Cannot be null

The documentation for RelatedManager.remove() says

For ForeignKey objects, this method only exists if null=True. If the related field can’t be set to None (NULL), then an object can’t be removed from a relation without being added to another.

Obvious, once you think about it.
What I really intended to do was this:


Just posting this since I got here from a related search AttributeError: 'RelatedManager' object has no attribute 'delete'

What I was looking for was:


note: still learning django, but i'm assuming any queryset operations filter, all, order_by, exclude, annotate, etc

can be used. Although I'm not sure at the moment what sort of nuance there is in regards to the queryset list return from all() and the stuff_set:

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