I'm trying to set value of form in DotNetBrowser, but to get this form I have to use

var b = browserView.Browser.GetDocument().GetElementsByTagName("span")[1];

because ID's of forms aren't unique. The problem is that returns me


and to make a usage from example that provides DotNetBrowser link. I need


which I have no idea how to convert into.

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    a span isn't an input element. Sep 12, 2017 at 23:13

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The span DOM node can be safely casted to DOMElement:

var b = browserView1.Browser.GetDocument().GetElementsByTagName("span")[1] as DOMElement;

You can also use a DOMNode.NodeType property to check the node type and then perform a safe cast:

if (b.NodeType == DOMNodeType.ElementNode) {
    DOMElement element = b as DOMElement;

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