Please help: I got error when import It say "can not resolve symbol 'design'

My build.gradle:

     compileSdkVersion 26
     buildToolsVersion "26.0.0"

     dependencies {
         compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
             exclude group: '', module: 'support-annotations'
         compile ''
         compile ''
         compile ''
         testCompile 'junit:junit:4.12'
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You forgot to add design support library. Just add this dependencies in your gradle app file:

implementation ''

Design Support Library

The Design package provides APIs to support adding material design components and patterns to your apps.

The Design Support library adds support for various material design components and patterns for app developers to build upon, such as navigation drawers, floating action buttons (FAB), snackbars, and TabLayout.

Or AndroidX dependency:

implementation ""
  • It's OK for importing the TabLayout but java still can not resolve letter "R", I synced project with Gradle but it not work. Do you have any idea? – Cao Tien Hai Sep 14 '17 at 1:54
  • It show Error:(46) No resource identifier found for attribute 'layout_' in package 'android' – Cao Tien Hai Sep 14 '17 at 2:04
  • 1
    I have found the error, I just made a typo in the layout file so it generate error – Cao Tien Hai Sep 14 '17 at 3:21
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    works for me!! thanku – Nadeem Bhat Mar 23 at 5:00
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    @NadeemBhat happy to help you – Nilesh Rathod Mar 23 at 5:01

As you can check in the doc if you want to use the TabLayout you have to add this dependency:

Add in your build.gradle in the dependencies block:

compile ''

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