Hello is there a way with css to style the 2nd element on page with the same class slightly differently to the first.

For example I have two ul's on a page with a class of topbardropdownmenu. I want to give the 2nd ul a differen't background to the first. Is there a way to do this with out altering the html?

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You can do it with the :nth-child() pseudo-selector. It is CSS3 though, and not supported in some browsers (e.g. <=IE8 & <=FF3.0 doesnt support it).

.topbardropdownmenu:nth-child(2) { background: #FF0000; }

You could do it with JavaScript in a cross-browser compatible way though, if that's an option for you.


What holds the <ul> elements? I'll assume a <div id = "lists">

/* First element */
div > ul.topbardropdownmenu:first-child{


/* Rest of the elements */
div > ul.topbardropdownmenu{



div > ul.topbardropdownmenu:not(:first-child)

  • :first-child doesn't work in IE, so you may need to use server code or javascript to fix this. Jan 6, 2011 at 20:59

It depends which browsers your users are using, you might be able to use the nth-of-type css pseudo-selector:

ul.topbardropdownmenu:nth-of-type(2) {
   /* styles the second ul of class=topbardropdownmenu

If there's a particular pattern to the occurrence of these ul elements, you could use descendant and/or sibling selectors:

div > ul.topbardropdownmenu {
  /* styles all ul.topbardropdownmenu that are the immediate descendants of a div */

p + ul.topbardropdownmenu {
  /* styles all ul.topbardropdownmenu that immediately follow a p */

Look at the CSS3 nth-child() pseudo-class.


You can use :nth-child http://css-tricks.com/how-nth-child-works/ but IE may struggle with it. Consider this jQuery alternative:



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