if I use


and somevariable is not defined I get an error, how can I prevent the error from occourring? is there a simple way of implementing a conditional that doesn't require a bunch of extra lines?

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<cfparam name="somevariable" default="" />

If you're on cf 9 you can use a ternary operation, but cfparam is more 'best practicey'.

#isDefined("somevariable") ? somevariable : 'default string'#
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    If you're going to use the ternary operator, I'd recommend structkeyexists( scope, "somevariable" ) rather than isdefined. It's quicker to search only the scope in which you expect the variable to be defined, and it prevents CF from retrieving a variable from a different scope. If you do use isdefined, at least provide the scope with the variable (which the OP should have done as well). Jul 8, 2011 at 19:54

You can test for the variable

    <cfif isDefined("somevariable")>
        handle default scenario here

or you could use inline conditional


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