Gradle ver : 3.4.1
JDK ver : 1.8
Proguard ver : 5.3.3
Android gradle plugin 2.3.+
I am getting exception in build due to proguard. I have tried proguard 5.3.2 also but with no success.

Here is my release config

release {
        debuggable false
        android.buildTypes.release.proguardFiles = []
        proguardFile 'proguard-android.txt'
        shrinkResources true
        signingConfig = signingConfigs.release

Following is the exeption

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Overflow of unsigned short value [95001]
at proguard.classfile.io.RuntimeDataOutput.writeUnsignedShort(RuntimeDataOutput.java:213)
at proguard.classfile.io.ProgramClassWriter$AttributeBodyWriter.visitLineNumberInfo(ProgramClassWriter.java:565)
at proguard.classfile.attribute.LineNumberTableAttribute.lineNumbersAccept(LineNumberTableAttribute.java:171)

PS: I can build with android gradle plugin 2.2.+ that is using lower version of proguard I think.


This issue (PGD-681) was fixed in Proguard v6.0.

However, Android Plugin for Gradle v3.1.0 is still using Proguard v5.3.3. You can check it running ./gradlew buildEnvironment:

+--- com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.1.0
|    \--- com.android.tools.build:gradle-core:3.1.0
|         +--- net.sf.proguard:proguard-gradle:5.3.3
|         |    \--- net.sf.proguard:proguard-base:5.3.3

So you have to manually include the latest version of Proguard:

classpath('com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.1.2') {
    exclude module: 'proguard-gradle'
classpath('net.sf.proguard:proguard-gradle:6.0.3') {
    force = true

Manually set proguard version to 5.2.1

classpath('com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.3.0') {
    exclude module: 'proguard-gradle'
classpath('net.sf.proguard:proguard-gradle:5.2.1') {
    force = true


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