Permalink of post set to:

<a href="/?link=<?php echo get_permalink( $postid ); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>

By example it comes to this:

I want to stay on home page, and now I need code to embed content of, nice thing is we have post tag post-example.

By this tag am I able now to call and embed this post inside home page? $_GET['link'] will get

Now how do I call this post?
Any solutions?
And it should be like:
If ?link=exist in url, call this function (embed post with title and content), otherwise do nothing.

It seems that you have the post's ID. ($postid)

If you have a post's ID and want to display anything from a specific post you can do this:

<?php $my_special_post = get_post($postid, ARRAY_A); ?>

After that you can display anything from the post's properties. For example:

<?php echo $my_special_post['post_title']; ?>
<?php echo $my_special_post['post_content']; ?>

And place them in whatever html tags you want.

The url segment "post-example" is not a tag. It's the post's "slug" or post_name property. Here you can read more about the $post object and his properties:$post

Hope that helps.

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