I am using MAC and trying to install TypeScript. I install typescript using

sudo npm install -g typescript

following is the result

/Users/<myuserid>/node/bin/tsc -> /Users/<myuserid>/node/lib/node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc
/Users/<myuserid>/node/bin/tsserver -> /Users/<myuserid>/node/lib/node_modules/typescript/bin/tsserver
└── typescript@2.5.2 

Now when i try to use tsc i get error

venu-mac:~ myuserid$ tsc
-bash: tsc: command not found
venu-mac:~ myuserid$

I do see tsc and tsserver exe files and following is tsc content

$!/usr/bin/env node

when i use following command from home it works

~ myuserid$ node/bin/tsc -v
Version 2.5.2

Same with Agnular Cli installation. I use following command to install ng cli.

sudo npm install -g @angular/cli

there are no errors or warnings while installing ng cli, but whenever i use ng commands i get following

-bash: ng: command not found

I tried removing/uninstalling all typescript and ng then reinstall, upgrade but no use...


Add ~/node/bin folder to the PATH variable

Advice: do not use that manuall nodejs install. Have a look at nvm.

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    I new i messed up something while installing node. Mac is new to me. Following is what i did and it worked. Thank you @Lazyexper. PATH=$PATH:/Users/myuserid/node/bin and it worked. – venu Sep 14 '17 at 15:51

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