Did anyone of you integrate PouchDB / vue-pouch-db within your Vue.js app? I got an error when defining PouchDB database.

I had used below definitions:

import PouchDB from 'pouchDB'
import PouchDB from 'vue-pouch-db'
const PouchDB = require('vue-pouch-db')

const db = new PouchDB('database_name')
const db = PouchDB('database_name')

None of them works for me.


  • when declaring new PouchDB = > PouchDB is not a constructor
  • when declaring PouchDB = > PouchDB is not a function

What is the proper way to initialize PouchDB in Vue ?? Thanks a lot !


In order to initialize PouchDB in Vue.js (2) you should:

import PouchDB from 'pouchdb-browser'
let localDB = new PouchDB('mylocaldb');

Of course, before using the certain package you must install it, e.g. via npm: npm install pouchdb-browser

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