When I use the following path in Eclipse:


There is a red x appears with a message that there is a mistake. But when I change it into:


Everything is fine. Can someone explain, why is that? Do I always have to add additional slashes in a path?

  • your examples are identical. – scsimon Sep 14 '17 at 21:26
  • no, i used two slashes, but stackoverflow automatically only shows up one slash – Suppe Sep 14 '17 at 21:28

In most programming languages '\' is used as an escape-character.


"c:\\Users" will be "c:\Users"
"My name is \"Suppe\"" will be "My name is "Suppe""
"Hello\tWorld" will be "Hello World"

For more information on this topic you should read:

Even stackexchange uses backslashes as escape characters. You probably noticed that as the first version of your post had 2 identical examples.


Because \ character has a special meaning in Java. It's an escape character. For example if you write \t inside a string literal, it means a tabulator, and \n means a newline.

To have a literal \ character, you have to escape it with the escape character: \\.

See Escape Sequences section in the Java documentation. The above is true for a lot of other languages too.


Even in Eclipse and Netbeans, when you're typing some string, they check if this string corresponds to a regex pattern. A single slash \ indicates then the next character will be a regex match or a literal letter, number or whatever you want. The purpose to use double slashes \\, is to indicate then you want a single literal slash.

So, when they copile your typed string:


will became


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