just started using flow and I don't get why I'm not getting wrong prop type errors.


  • react-native: 0.48.3 (react-native-cli)

  • flow-bin: @0.49.1 (as given in .flowconfig file, installed locally in dev-dependencies)

Tried creating dummy file (test.js).

// @flow

let x: string = 123;

Running npm run flow catches error that x has to be string, so probably no errors in setup.

now with react:


  // @flow 

  type Props = {
     text: number,

  const DummyComponent = ({ text } : Props) => (

export default DummyComponent


// @flow

 import DummyComponent from '../components/DummyComponent';

  const App = () => (
    <DummyComponent text="foo"/>

Running npm run flow gives no error, but text should be string not number.

Am I missing something ? It's my first time using flow, read starting guide, but missed something probably.

Thank you !

EDIT: Got it working with default exports, but when using:

import {DummyComponent} from '../components/DummyComponent'

no flow errors, what's the catch ? Anyone knows ?

  • Upgrading your flow-bin to 5x.x might help. Cuz if you copy and paste that into flow repl, you'll see it shows an error as expected. – norbertpy Sep 15 '17 at 4:44
  • Alright, Ill try 😊 – Polisas Sep 15 '17 at 7:34
  • Upgraded to 0.54.1, and getting type errors from node_modules. Why is it so hard to setup flow. – Polisas Sep 15 '17 at 8:05

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