I'm trying to run pylint against my flask application. I generated the default pylint configuration file.

When I run this command:

(newedgeuiv) Callams-MacBook-Pro:api callam$ pylint pylint --load-plugins pylint_flask --confidence="HIGH" api/

Pylint starts out by assessing itself.. as seen here:

************* Module pylint

C:  1, 0: Missing module docstring (missing-docstring)

************* Module pylint.__main__

C:  1, 0: Missing module docstring (missing-docstring)

************* Module pylint.config

C: 55, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

C: 68, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

C:263, 0: Missing class docstring (missing-docstring)

C:311, 0: Missing class docstring (missing-docstring)

C:615,12: Invalid argument name "p" (invalid-name)

C:615,12: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

C:633,68: Invalid variable name "fp" (invalid-name)

************* Module pylint.epylint

C:163, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

************* Module pylint.lint

C:196, 4: Missing class docstring (missing-docstring)

C:1086,16: Invalid variable name "cb" (invalid-name)

C:1354, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

************* Module pylint.testutils
C: 42, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)

How can I ensure pylint only checks the code I've written?


You asked it to. There is an extraneous pylint in your command, you have pylint pylint api/

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