I have no idea. There is no such option. The image comes from unknown source.

enter image description here


Add an image element to your report

Image element

Then click OK

New image dialog

Create a new parameter for LOGO with class "java.awt.Image". It isn't listed in the ComboBox, you have to write it yourself


Click on the image element and add the new parameter into the parameter expression

Image element properties

And finally pass an image in your code to the report

reportParams.put("LOGO", YourImageObjectHere);
  • Why do you suggest "java.awt.Image"?, I mean the choice of class to use depends on application, anyway nice post that explains how to do it in JasperStudio, maybe I would have posted it on this stackoverflow.com/questions/2746561/… instead (without a direct suggestion about what class to choose), I edited the question with studio tag to better honor your answer (not sure what to do with the title of question however, send??.." – Petter Friberg Sep 21 '17 at 8:20

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