I'm new to everything related to programming, and just finished an intro to python course and was trying to start a few projects. I'm running into something I can't figure out.

while lives>0:

  low=raw_input("what is the lower range that you will guess? Numbers only please.")
  high=raw_input("what is the higher range that you will guess? Numbers only please")
  if int(raw_input("pick an integer between %s and %s") %(low, high))==thenumber:
        print "you won!"

after setting both variables to "1", it prints "pick a integer between %s and %s" rather than "pick an integer between 1 and 1".

edit:after submitting a number for a guess, I also get

TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

Check the parentheses:

raw_input("pick an integer between %s and %s") %(low, high) #bad

raw_input("pick an integer between %s and %s" % (low, high)) #good
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    Not only at the beginning. your future self will kick you in the rear for not commenting that one script properly... :) – Daniel Springer Sep 17 '17 at 4:13

Your %s substitutions are outside the brackets that encase raw_input; they should immediately follow the string (as in kip's answer).

Just use the .format syntax. Much easier to understand in my opinion.


"pick an integer between %s and %s" % (low, high)

Can be written as:

"pick an integer between {} and {}".format(low, high)

You could also do it Ruby style (in Python 3.5+):

f"pick an integer between {low} and {high}"

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