I am writting a documentation for my project. I have done my project in python. But I choose jekyll to write down the documentation. But I didn't found any helpful documentation. There is lots of basic question still moving around me. Such as how to generate template in jekyll etc. Guys please suggest me any help full documentation or share your idea on documentation using jkeyll.


Jekyll is very blog-oriented. It can be used to generate static html pages, but it isn't ideal for documenting a software project (unless you intend to document it with a blog).

If your project is hosted on github, you will probably be better off by using github's wiki, which is fairly advanced now.

If you still want to generate documentation automatically, there are better solutions out there - pydoc is one, but there are others, like Sphinx, or the newest arrival, Dexy.


Now in 2014 there are some templates, I'm looking at

2015 adding:

I think there should be others, but don't know.


I'm developing a jekyll theme for tech docs here: https://github.com/tomjohnson1492/documentation-theme-jekyll.

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