this.snotifyService.success('User is authenticated', 'Login Success', { timeout: 2000, showProgressBar: false, closeOnClick: false, pauseOnHover: true }); this.router.navigate(['omanCargo/home']);

When i change the route after triggering the success message as shown nothing displays. Any help will be appreciated, i am a newbie in angular 4


did you import the CSS somewhere? You should import one of this in your global style.scss like this

@import "~ng-snotify/styles/material"; 


@import "~ng-snotify/styles/material.css"; 

if you using css syntax.

if you using css syntax and angular-cli. Import styles directly in .angular-cli.json

  "styles": [

Also make sure you put


somewhere near the root of your application, I put mine in my home.component.ts

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