I have a multi-part form with three different sets of validation (each fieldset). Each validation ruleset is defined such as:

var paymentValidation =
        rules: {
            "cardInfo.NameOnCard": {
                required: true
        messages: { .... }

and then when I need to validate a specific rulset, I am trying to use

var validator = $(form).validate(paymentValidation)
if(validator.valid()) {....}

Except it appears that once I perform validation once with a ruleset, the other optionsets I pass in do not matter.

I've seen articles suggesting that I can validate the entire form and then check each fieldset. While that approach technically works I end up with validation messages for elements outside of my desired scope.

So I'm trying to figure out how to go about performing validation with various sets of rules. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


This: http://www.zachhunter.com/2010/06/jquery-validation-with-asp-net/ worked for me. Cheers.

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