I am trying to install ABAP server on my system..but failing continuously..

due to only one error…

“Installation of NPL failed .Please check log files in /tmp/sapinst_instdir..”

Please, can anybody let me know how to check this log files so that I can find the reason for installation failure.

I have downloaded ABAP 7.51SP02still not able to installed.

I am using Win7..and installing ABAP on Oracle Virtualbox(OpenSUSE 64-bit) .

Please your help will be much appreciated.

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Please check if the following conditions are fulfilled on your Linux system:

  • GCC installed? if not -> sudo zypper install gcc
  • Shared memory >= 4GB? if not -> mount -o remount,size=4G /dev/shm
  • uuidd installed and running?
  • password complex enough (lowercase, uppercase, number and special char)?
  • English(US) as system language?

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