I am developing app with chat and I want my ListView to scroll to bottom when new message been posted by user and when user was at the bottom of the list and there are new messages recieved. I am using this ListView:


And this method to force scroll when needed:

private void scrollListViewToBottom() {
        listView.setSelection(adapter.getCount() - 1);

But when chat contains element (big text or image) with height bigger than screen height it is scrolling to the top of it. I need my ListView to scroll exactly to the bottom, not to the last element.

I tried to use listView.scrollTo(0, listView.getBottom()) method but the result is very strange - it is scrolling sometimes to the last message + half-screen gap and sometimes to the place where I cannot see any messages.

Any ideas? Thanks.


You can use android:stackFromBottom="true" for populating list from bottom to top and add android:transcriptMode="alwaysScroll" for auto scrolling your listview.

You just have to call notifyDataSetChanged() and your list will be auto scrolled.

For handling scrolling to absolute bottom in case of large blocks, you can add list items with height of 1 px below every list item so that you will always be directed to end of list no matter what you item's height is.

  • notifyDataSetChanged() is implemented in only some common subclasses and not available in ListAdapter or other pure implementations. – bukkojot Sep 19 '17 at 1:03
  • I am using notifyDataSetChanged() for another purposes and I don't need scrolling every time I execute it. Thanks for the help with 1 pixel size element, that should work. But It is sounds not as 100% good solutions. Are there really no way to do the trick without adding some extra elements? – Artem Samokhin Sep 19 '17 at 1:54
  • Sometimes hack is the only way :) – Mr_Hmp Sep 19 '17 at 2:13

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