I'm currently building a webpage with Bootstrap 4 beta/JQuery and Datatables with the extentions Select and KeyTables. KeyTable allows to navigate with arrow keys through all cells. I want to just navigate through whole rows. So is it possible to convert the keytable cell navigation to row navigation?

Here is an Example from the default cell navigation from KeyTables with Bootstrap 4

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This could be done by limiting keys that KeyTable plug-in listens for and handling cell focus/blur event generated by KeyTable.

var table = $('#example').DataTable({
    ajax: 'https://api.myjson.com/bins/qgcu',
    keys: {
       keys: [ 13 /* ENTER */, 38 /* UP */, 40 /* DOWN */ ]

// Handle event when cell gains focus
$('#example').on('key-focus.dt', function(e, datatable, cell){
    // Select highlighted row

// Handle event when cell looses focus
$('#example').on('key-blur.dt', function(e, datatable, cell){
    // Deselect highlighted row

// Handle key event that hasn't been handled by KeyTable
$('#example').on('key.dt', function(e, datatable, key, cell, originalEvent){
    // If ENTER key is pressed
    if(key === 13){
        // Get highlighted row data
        var data = table.row(cell.index().row).data();

        $("#example-console").html(data.join(', '));

Extra CSS rules are needed to hide cell highlighting used by KeyTable plug-in.


See this example for code and demonstration.


See jQuery DataTables: How to navigate rows with KeyTable plug-in for more examples and details.

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