I am using Protractor and jasmine.

I have Identified that chrome driver version: 2.32.498550 (latest) is not compatible with the chrome beta (Version 62.0.3202.18 (Official Build)).

It breaks when the statements like




of the browser windows gets executed.

Can any one help me with this ?


Try this :

var width_size = 1024;
var height_size = 786;
browser.driver.manage().window().setSize(width_size , height_size );

Latest chromedriver does not support Latest chrome version, it support till chrome 61

See this link: http://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/2.32/notes.txt

It is issue of chromedriver

  • I have mentioned in my question, I am not able to use this statement as well. – Jahangir Rana Sep 20 '17 at 12:40
  • Ok please paste your issue in log – iamsankalp89 Sep 20 '17 at 12:41
  • Sure, I'll paste my log as well, but I am only getting this issue in chrome beta not on the stable version. – Jahangir Rana Sep 20 '17 at 12:45
  • 2
    Latest chromedriver does not support Latest chrome version, it support till chrome 61, so some issues are there with chrome Version 62.0.3202.18 – iamsankalp89 Sep 20 '17 at 12:52

Update your ChromeDriver version to 2.33 (e.g. using NuGet). You may have to end all running chromedriver.exe processes to get a successful build.

There was a bug in version 2.32 that caused resizing to fail for Chrome version 62. See this answer.


It causes because page took long time to load , you need add additional line to your chromedriver option. Please refer the below link for more information : Timed out receiving message from renderer in selenium

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