I select and run the app on the iPhone 8 simulator. Then, I quit and reopen Xcode. The iPhone 8 Plus is selected by default. How to remember the latest simulator on Xcode 9? My project is using CocoaPods.

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Even newly created projects seem to exhibit this behavior. To resolve this, here is the hack I've found that appears to correct the problem. Unfortunately you need to do this for every project:

  1. Choose Edit Scheme: CMD + <
  2. Under Run -> Info: Change the Build Configuration from "Debug" to "Release". Then change it back to "Debug"
  3. Press Close
  4. Change to the simulator you'd like to use, and close project.

Upon opening the project again, it should remember what simulator you had it left at. Hope this helps you as well!

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    Ultimately all you need to do is tweak anything in the scheme so that it updates, and then the simulator problem goes away.
    – Causaelity
    Oct 12, 2017 at 16:22

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