right now I have a resolver calling standard service and returning an Observable:

return this.someService.getData()
      .map(data=> data.json())

I want to replace it with ngrx effects and store. When resolver is run I want to dispatch requestAction intercepted by effect, which makes http request. Once data is returned I dispatch dataReceivedAction with data as payload.

Basically i want to dispatch an action in resolver and wait till new data is in part of store. I try to do it this way:

return Observable.combineLatest(
        this.store.dispatch(new requestAction())
      this.store.select(store => store.dataIWaitFor),
      (dispatchedAction, dataArrived) => dataArrived

it's not working, I mean the resolver doesn't render the component but when at the end of each of these returned Observables I add

.do(data => console.log(data))

the same data is logged. What I do wrong?


You can do something like this

export class SomeGuard implements CanActivate {
constructor(private store: Store<AppState>) {}

waitForDataToLoad(): Observable<Something> {
    return this.store.select(state => state.something)
        .filter(something => something && !something.empty);

canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot): Observable<boolean> {
    this.store.dispatch({type: LOAD_something});

    return this.waitForDataToLoad()
        .switchMap(() => {
            return Observable.of(true);

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