I am having all my resourcebundle values in table and formatted as per requirement.i have to change the languages in the website based on User selection in drop down in top of the page. If i use language code as en_US then its working fine. if i Use en-Us as Language Code then its not working. What might be the problem. Which is correct to follow?


"en" is the language code specified by ISO 639. while US is country code specified by 3166.
In Java, the Locale object recognizes the language as languageCode_countryCode (e.g. en_US) and not as languageCode-countryCode.


"en-US" is an IETF language tag. While Java'a Locale class was clearly based on IETF language tags, it uses underscores in place of hyphens when separating language codes from country codes (and also variants), so calling toString() on the equivalent Locale will give you en_US.

As of Java 7 you can use Locale.forLanguageTag(String) and toLanguageTag() to convert between language tags and Locale objects.

When converting strings to Locale objects it's a good idea to normalize by splitting components on hyphens and underscores, lowercasing the first component (the language code) and upper-casing the second component (the country code).

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    This answer is the best response for what to do in java code. For other languages/frameworks, not so much. When making calls between frameworks with different conventions, you have a "pratfall" of the coder needing to know a conversion is required. recommend using the convention of the framework you are calling from. When you are making calls to another framework, provide "proxies" that do the conversion. Why? it eliminates the need to know that the called framework uses a different convention. Contributors will ONLY "see" one convention using that one will avoid the pratfall. – DaBlick Jan 5 '18 at 15:01

Or you could use Locale us = Locale.forLanguageTag("en-US") and us.toLanguageTag(), and that will do the conversion for you without having to create your own error-prone implementation.


As of Java8, Initializing the locale should be done using the language tag "en-US" Locale.forLanguageTag("en-US").toString(); returns the output: en_US

Where as Locale.forLanguageTag("en_US") does not create the required locale. It will default to the system locale. Locale.forLanguageTag("en_US").toString() returns null

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