How do I make a password protected IRC Channel?

I've looked at the documentation and everything. But I'm not sure how to make a channel in the first place.

Is there any documentation or a guide to doing so?


If you're an op on that channel, you can use the following

/MODE #channel +k MyPrivateKey

In order to join the above protected channel, use

/JOIN #channel MyPrivateKey

Remember to change the word "channel" with your channel name and "MyPrivateKey" to your desired password.


Your question has two parts: 1. how to make a channel 2. how to make it password protected

The answer to the second part can be found in Orel Eraki's answer.

The answer to the first question is as follows if you want to use a client on your computer, otherwise use the server's web GUI (for example https://webchat.freenode.net/):

  1. open your IRC client
    • If you don't know what to install, here is my list:
      • GUI (graphical user interface)
      • TUI (Text-based User Interface)
        • irssi
  2. Select a server and google it's port number
    • for example chat.freenode.net or irc.europnet.org
  3. connect to the server
    • /server chat.freenode.net
  4. Register your nickname on the server (most GUI clients do this automatically). for example freenode has a guideline:
    • /msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com
  5. Start your own channel
    • /join #YourChannelName

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