I have few screens which I navigate through one by one. Screen1->screen2-screen3->screen4-Home

What I want is when I go to home then the previous history of navigation should be cleared and back pressing back button should not go to last navigated screen which is screen 4. Currently When I press back button on home screen it takes me back to the last route in the stack which is screen4. I have used below code. It is giving me error no route defined or key Home. Which I have already defined in Screens class. Any help would be appreciated.

const resetAction = NavigationActions.reset({
  index: 0,                       
  actions: [NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'Home' })],

onPress={() =>  this.props.navigation.dispatch(resetAction)}

As it states in the react-navigation docs for reset action, index should be the current active route's index. The error might be related to that.

How to use the index parameter

The index param is used to specify the current active route. eg: given a basic stack navigation with two routes Profile and Settings. To reset the state to a point where the active screen was Settings but have it stacked on top of a Profile screen, you would do the following:

import { NavigationActions } from 'react-navigation'

const resetAction = NavigationActions.reset({
  index: 1,
  actions: [
    NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'Profile'}),
    NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'Settings'})
  • How to get the current index? – Paras Watts Sep 21 '17 at 9:55
  • @ParasWatts You can use Screen Tracking functionality to get current state and the index of the route. – bennygenel Sep 21 '17 at 10:22
import {NavigationActions} from 'react-navigation';                
const resetAction = NavigationActions.reset({
    index: 0,
    actions: [
      NavigationActions.navigate({ routeName: 'HomeScreen'})
    ] })

you can use this, this works for me..

The Answer is createSwitchNavigator, it those not stack up your navigation. Add your auth screen/navigator in a createSwitchNavigator with the home screen/stack.

With that, when you navigate from home to log in, the stacks are not kept.

For more on it https://reactnavigation.org/docs/en/auth-flow.html

  • It was not available earlier – Paras Watts Jul 19 at 11:51

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