Is it more efficient to use the key intersect or the value intersect if both key and value have the same contents for example:

    [743] => 743
    [744] => 744
    [745] => 745
    [746] => 746
    [747] => 747
    [748] => 748

Is there any difference in performance in using one or the other with the same values. Similar to the difference of using double or single quotes?

  • If it's just for a few dozen keys, it most likely won't matter - in that case pick what's nicest from a code readability perspective.
    – Pekka
    Jan 8 '11 at 18:48

From another post: I have two unordered integer arrays, and i need to know how many integers these arrays have in common

Depending on your data (size) you might want to use array_intersect_key() instead of array_intersect(). Apparently the implementation of array_intersect (testing php 5.3) does not use any optimization/caching/whatsoever but loops through the array and compares the values one by one for each element in array A. The hashtable lookup is incredibly faster than that.


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