I am trying to alias the name of an S3 bucket to save having to enter it constantly when transferring files.

In my .bash_profile:

alias as3="aws s3"
alias artifacts="s3://dev-artifacts-bucket-name"
alias admin="--profile admin-user"

Example desired command using aliases:

as3 cp localFile.txt artifacts/ admin

Which should resolve to:

aws s3 cp localFIle.txt s3://dev-artifacts-bucket-name/ --profile admin-user

Where "admin-user" is the name of an IAM role configured in my ~/.aws/config file.

Instead I get the error:

as3 cp ./upload.sh artifacts/ admin

Unknown options: admin

or when I eliminate the profile alias

as3 cp ./upload.sh artifacts/ --profile admin-user

usage: aws s3 cp <LocalPath> <S3Uri> or <S3Uri> <LocalPath> or <S3Uri> <S3Uri>
Error: Invalid argument type

The error message clearly shows the first alias working since I get the "aws s3" usage error, but the second alias does not get triggered. Tried debugging with set -x and got:

as3 cp upload.sh artifacts admin
+ aws s3 cp upload.sh artifacts admin

Unless bash detects recursive alias substitution and stops it with an obtuse error, I'm at a loss for what is happened.

FYI: I'm a self declared bash noob, be gentle. (yes, I sourced the .bash_profile)


You are confusing alias in Bash with variables. An alias can only be used as the start of a command.

The arguments can instead be variables:

alias as3="aws s3"
admin="--profile admin-user"

Then you can:

as3 cp localFile.txt $artifacts/ $admin
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  • I would use as3 cp localFile.txt "${artifacts}/" "${admin}". – Walter A Sep 23 '17 at 8:04
  • $admin cannot be quoted, since it contains two words intended as separate arguments. Neither variable needs to be exported, but admin either needs to be left unquoted, or replaced with an array admin=(--profile admin-user) followed by as3 cp localFile.txt "$artifacts/" "${admin[@]}" – chepner Sep 23 '17 at 12:54

Rather than defining several separate variables, just define one function to wrap the entire command:

upload_as_admin () {
    aws s3 cp "$1" s3://dev-artfacts-bucket-name --profile admin-user

To use it, pass the file to upload as the argument:

upload_as_admin localFile.txt
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  • This would only solve this exact use case. The intention is to be able to do arbitrary operations like list, delete and build composable shortcuts. – Wade Jensen Sep 23 '17 at 20:36
  • There are certain things you just can't use variables alone for, though. See my comment to Will's answer. – chepner Sep 23 '17 at 21:47

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