I just download Xcode 9 and was going through wireless debugging tutorials . I went through this link Wireless debugging but could not make out why my wireless debugging icon is not showing. My device is iPhone 6s updated to iOS 11. network icon is checked and the debugging icon is missing . Snaphot Debugging over network icon is missing here here . The icon is missing.
What I got from others tutorial, is the icon they are getting, which I am not getting. Like this in apple documents. enter image description here.


Network icon is not showing because your device is not paired up to the MAC you are using. If it's not working by connecting to the same WiFi network. you can connect to same network via Bluetooth.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth of your device.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth of your MAC.
  3. Pair up the MAC to the device Bluetooth.

You can see the network icon next to the device name in Xcode -> window -> Devices & Simulator -> select the device.

This worked for me. Hope this helps!


After pairing the iPad with my mac over bluetooth I didn't got that network icon on the iPad on the device list. Then I start to check for install provisioning profile. And immediately Xcode automatically sync the profile and seems all good for me.

The iPad was new, and it didn't have the provisioning profile install on it.

To check the provisioning profile. Press command + shift + 2 to open the Devices and Simulators. Select the Device category. Under Device category there is the list of connected device. Just press the right button of the mouse or two finger tap on the device.

enter image description here

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