Just wanted to know which one would be faster?
AFAIK Set uses hash so it should be faster to find an element in Set. But in quite a few projects I've seen the usage of the array contains where it could have used contains on Set.

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    Run a few tests and set what results you get.
    – rmaddy
    Sep 24, 2017 at 3:47
  • As you said, set should be faster in ideal scenario.
    – adev
    Sep 24, 2017 at 4:03

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Given a very quick test, set does look faster for .contains( operations.

import Foundation

let iterations = 1000000
let array = [ "cat", "dog", "fish", "gerbil", "hamster", "octopus" ]
let set = Set(array)
let bestCase = "cat"
let worstCase = "apple" // Note: Not in the collection.

print("For \(iterations) iterations:")

var start = Date()
for _ in 1...iterations {
    _ = array.contains(worstCase)
print("Array took \(-start.timeIntervalSinceNow)s in the worst case")

start = Date()
for _ in 1...iterations {
    _ = set.contains(worstCase) // Note: Not in the collection.
print("Set   took \(-start.timeIntervalSinceNow)s in the worst case")

start = Date()
for _ in 1...iterations {
    _ = array.contains(bestCase)
print("Array took \(-start.timeIntervalSinceNow)s in the best case")

start = Date()
for _ in 1...iterations {
    _ = set.contains(bestCase)

print("Set   took \(-start.timeIntervalSinceNow)s in the best case")

This outputs:

For 1000000 iterations:
Array took 1.67272698879242s in the worst case
Set   took 0.307300984859467s in the worst case
Array took 0.412128031253815s in the best case
Set   took 0.216085016727448s in the best case

On a mid-2015 macbook pro using swift 4.0.2. Longer arrays do impact the worst-case scenario. For an array of 24 strings (the same six strings above repeated four times), the array worst-case rose to 5.9s; others stayed broadly the same.


  • This test does not take into account the cost of casting an Array to a Set.
  • I had to bump it up to one million iterations to get a value over a second.
  • You lose ordering and the ability to store multiple copies of a value when using Set in stead of Array.

There are legitimate reasons a developer might use Array even though Set may be quicker for this one operation.

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