I am new to C#, but I have used {get; set;} and found this {get; private set} in some earlier set of code written by someone else.

What does this exactly mean? And what is the difference between
{ get; set; } and { get; private set; }?


When you write

public int MyProperty {get; set;}

both getter an setter have accessibility of MyProperty, which is public in this case. When you write

public int MyProperty {get; private set;}

only the getter remains public, while the setter becomes private. This approach is used to make properties that can be written only from inside of the class.

New version of C# gives you a closely related construct

public int MyProperty {get;}

which lets you make your property read-only. This is similar to {get;private set;} but in addition it restricts all assignments of MyProperty to the constructor of its containing class.

  • Thanks for adding an answer for the new option {get;}, that's what I actually came here for. Your answer perfectly explains that, too. – Cornelius Roemer Nov 29 '20 at 17:20

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