I have a list of objects with three integer properties. How can I get the distinct values of first integer property from my list?


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This should work,

List<int> result = YourListObject.Select(o => o.FirstInteger).Distinct().ToList();
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    +1 List<int> result = YourListObject.Select(o => o.FirstInteger).AsParallel().Distinct().ToList() "AsParallel()" might give some performance benfit, if we doesn't care about order and have more items in the list.
    – Sai
    Commented Oct 22, 2015 at 20:56


var g = collection.Select(i => i.Property1).Distinct();

Could you post some source code so that we can give you a better example?


In my example, I have a collection collection which contains numerous instances of your class. I'm then selecting Property1 from each class, filtering to the distinct values of that property.


I have found this useful and working fine for me for strings.

var distinctNames = (from d in YourList select d).Distinct();

Hope this is useful for some one like me searching for details in SO.


Example of a more complex distinct'ing....

licenseLookupItems = tmpList
                .GroupBy(x => new {x.LicenseNumber, x.Name, x.Location, x.Active, x.Archived})
                .Select(p => p.FirstOrDefault())
                .Select(p => new LicenseNumberLookupItem
                    LicenseNumber = p.LicenseNumber,
                    Name = p.Name,
                    Location = p.Location,
                    Active = p.Active,
                    Archived = p.Archived
  • Nice to pull multiple distinct parts of a record
    – DRapp
    Commented Apr 21, 2019 at 23:16

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