I am referencing the AbpUser table in an entity with the following property definition:

public virtual User LocationManager { get; set; }
public virtual long LocationManagerId { get; protected set; }

My DTO is as follows:

public class LocationDto : FullAuditedEntityDto<Guid>
    // <snip>
    public virtual User LocationManager { get; set; }

Using the AsyncCrudAppService and calling the following from an MVC controller:

var locations = (await _locationAppService.GetAll(new PagedAndSortedResultRequestDto())).Items;

locations.LocationManager is returning null. I've confirmed everything in both the entity and the DTO is set to virtual. I'm at a loss. Anyone have any insight?


If you are using EntityFrameworkCore, you have to use eager-loading.

Override this method in LocationAppService:

protected override IQueryable<Location> CreateFilteredQuery(LocationGetAllInput input)
    return Repository.GetAllIncluding(x => x.LocationManager);

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