I cannot figure out the option to turn off the new "feature" where the VS Code HTML mode editor types stuff for you in the following scenario:

I type <b> and when I hit that last > it then types </b> which I then have to delete and move to where I want it.

How do I keep VS Code from typing stuff for me in this case? I have these two options set like this:

"editor.quickSuggestions": false,
"editor.autoClosingBrackets": false,

Sort of the opposite of this question: VSCode not auto completing HTML


I found it:

// Enable/disable autoclosing of HTML tags.
"html.autoClosingTags": true,

This new feature shipped with autoClosingTags set to true by default, which was, unfortunately, a disruptive change if you were used to being able to type without random stuff being inserted into your document as a side effect.

Setting autoClosingTags to false restores the original behavior.

"html.autoClosingTags": true,
  • Hi Jared, where is this configuration file for VS? – Eralper Dec 17 '18 at 11:17
  • @Eralper - The location of settings file of VS Code on windows is %APPDATA%\Code\User\settings.json – ekhanna Dec 18 '18 at 19:00
  • Sorry ekhanna, it did not help. I installed VS2019 preview on Win10. Checked Program Files including ProgramData in addition to AppData folders – Eralper Dec 19 '18 at 5:48
  • 1
    Thanks for this. Have been running into the same frustration. I searched for html.autoClosingTags in the settings search and it appeared. – Mark Stickling Mar 11 at 11:05

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