I am trying to create a container on IBM Bluemix. I followed their guides and did these:

  1. Created an image on localhost
  2. Pushed the image to Bluemix
  3. Created a volume on Bluemix
  4. Created a container on Bluemix with the volume mounted on it.

I used this kind of command for creating a container:

 bx ic run -m 512 --name container1--volume ibmodmdcvol:/opt/ibmsoftware registry.eu-gb.bluemix.net/bluemix_images/ibmodmdc:v1 v1 bash -c "tail -f /dev/null"

The container gets created but it is in a shutdown state as soon as it is created. I am not able to upload anything on the container.

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    If you bx ic inspect the container in question, or check bx ic logs on that same container, do either show a bit more of what's happening there? Shutdown state usually means that it started, but then exited. – N Fritze Sep 25 '17 at 19:19

Please run bx ic inspect or bx ic logs. Without knowing slight more details, it is not possible to provide you any clue to correctly proceed to fix.

Please note that, same question asked on dWanswers and admin Bill Wentworth on dW noted this URL of StackOverflow for cross reference.

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