This has me stumped. I'm trying to filter $ages=Ages::all(); based on a productmask field using bitwise operator & (code should be self-explanatory)

I've tried

  @foreach($ages->where('productmask', '&', 2) as $option)      


  @foreach($ages->filter(function($i){return ((int)($i->productmask & 2)); }) as $option)


  @foreach($ages->filter(function($i){return ((int)($i->productmask & 2) == 2); })->values() as $option)

and none work when productmask = 3 but do work when productmask is exactly 2.

What are my options here (no pun intended)? Why doesn't this work?

I'm pretty sure it would work if I did a \DB::whereRaw (because I can run this against the Db and it works and I get the 2 and 3 entries):

SELECT * from ages WHERE productmask&2

but here it's bypassing fluent and hitting the database inside a view?? Not good form.

Anyone using bit masks out there ever run into this?

thanks in advance.

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Well, I don't know why I had to do this exactly, but here's what i did to get it to work:

@foreach($locations->filter(function($i){if (decbin($i->productmask) & 16) return $i; }) as $option)      

Basically, I had to use decbin() on the collection's field value ($ages->productmask) so that the compare would resolve correctly.

Works now! Hope this helps someone.

  • glad you fix this :) Commented Sep 25, 2017 at 6:13
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From the source here suggests that

where() takes 3 parameters, name of the column, operator and value to be compared against.

The operator can be one of the following: '=', '<', '>', '<=', '>=', '<>', '!=', 'like', 'not like', 'between', 'ilike'

However I found something that you might need to look here. This will help you to fix your issues.

For further digging see PHP documentation also read this SO post

and as far as your question is concerned

use your query like this

$ages->whereRaw('(productmask & 2)')
  • Yes I looked at that but I'd rather not have to add a new package and implement new field types just to mitigate what appears to be a simple math problem with Eloquent. Or at least with they way I'm trying to use it. From vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Query/Builder.php protected $operators = [ '=', '<', '>', '<=', '>=', '<>', '!=', 'like', 'like binary', 'not like', 'between', 'ilike', '&', '|', '^', '<<', '>>', 'rlike', 'regexp', 'not regexp', '~', '~*', '!~', '!~*', 'similar to', 'not similar to', ]; Commented Sep 25, 2017 at 5:38
  • i tried whereRaw. That method only seems available on the class (Ages:whereRaw()). I got a method not found when I tried to use it on the results of $ages=Ages::all();. $ages->whereRaw() failed. Commented Sep 25, 2017 at 6:07

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