I'm using Gmail push notification in order to get user Gmail activities. It works well but I noticed a weird behavior that prevent me from getting the user sent email attached files

Each time I'm getting a push notification to my server endpoint, I'm sending GET request of user history list using the historyId I received from the raised notification

when sending the history List request on email that sent without a file attachments I'm getting object response that contain the message Id


but when sending the history List request on email that sent with file attachments I'm not getting the message Id and without it I cant get that message details along with the file attachments


what cause this behavior and what can I do to solve this problem?


it seems I didn't understand the flow of getting user history activities. basically you need to save the HistoryId in the response when registering to webhook and use it to request Users.history: list. the response include the activities info and also historyId that we need to save again - in order to use it next time we get notification about this user activity

another explanation can be found here

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