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I want to alert that "Please enter file .docx and .pdf" so I need the extension of the file...

 $(".upload").click(function () {

 var filename = $("#file").val();
 var extension = " ";

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Using the Split function


$("#upload").click(function () {
   var filename = $("#file").val();
   var aux = filename.split('.');
   var extension = aux[aux.length -1].toUpperCase();
   if(extension === 'DOC'
      || extension === 'DOCX'
      || extension === 'PDF'
      alert('Valid extension.');
      alert('Invalid extension: ' + extension + '. Only: DOC, DOCX, PDF are allowed.');
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<input id='file'/>
<button id='upload'>Upload</button>


Here you have a working example. Just use .split() on the provided path

$(".upload").click(function () {

  var filename = $("#file").val();

  var pathParts = filename.split('/');   // Split the path on '/': ['path', 'to', 'file.ext']
  var filename  = pathParts.pop();       // Take the last element. This is a file name: 'file.ext'
  var filenameParts filename.split('.'); // Split the file name on the '.': ['file', 'ext']
  var extension = filenameParts[1];      // Take the extension: 'ext'

Or you can do it in one line:

var extension = filename.split('/').pop().split('.')[1];

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