Since, I upgraded to xCode 9 on my Mac I get the following error when compiling:

Error ibtool exited with code 1
Error Compiling IB documents for earlier than iOS 7 is no longer supported.

As suggested here I don't have a project setting in visual studio (on windows) with an option "Build for: iOS 10 and later".

Also, I'm working on a Xamarin.Forms project, so I don't have any storyboards. How can I solve this issue?

[EDIT] I'm working with the Visual Studio IDE on Windows. I use the mac only for building the iOS Apps.

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The problem is that your deployment target in info.plist is set to 6.0. Set it to at least 7.0 and you will be fine.


I am going to assume that you have an older LaunchScreen.storyboard within your Xamarin.iOS application project.

I do not know how to edit those setting within the VS4M Storyboard editor, so right click on the LaunchScreen.storyboard and open it with the Xcode Interface Builder.

In the right-hand column, the File Inspector should be the default view, change it as shown in the SO answer that you linked:

Do a File / Save, exit Xcode, and do a clean and re-build your solution. I had to do this with a couple of old Xamarin.Forms solutions.

enter image description here


I met the same issue. You just go to storyboard, Interface Builder Document -> choose a version build for. That fix my issue. Goodluck! interface

enter image description here

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