For a sort of IDE-like system I'm writing in java, I want to replicate and display a console working identically to the standard one. Therefore I need a way to read everything that is written to stdout and stderr. Is there something similar to the Process.getInputStream() function that is applicable to the current Java process and not only to external ones? Would like to avoid having to change all stdout commands.

Huge thanks in advance!

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Something like this

  FileOutputStream f = new FileOutputStream("file.txt");

  System.setOut(new PrintStream(f));

  // this text will get redirected to youe file
  System.out.println("This is System class!!!");
  • Ahh so simple >< Been overcomplicating things.. Thank you! – DragonGamer Sep 25 '17 at 23:17

Use System.setOut() and System.setErr() to override the default output and error streams with your custom streams.

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