I am receiving the above error when running the task sequence and it is failing on the step that is in the picture I provided. Does anyone have any ideas on why? I know the error is very generic, and I have tried several things to address it - I checked the box to disable 64-bit, I made sure that the package containing the batch file was referenced in that step, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am very much a noob when it comes to SCCM. Thank you.enter image description here

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Could you post the SMSTS.log saved in C:\Windows\CCM ?

It should contain the reason why this is failing

While looking at your TS, It could be that using a working folder with UNC paths fail the TS because CMD does not support running UNC paths out of the box.


Try adding cmd /c at the start of the Command Line field. It's quirky, but has often fixed my issues.

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