I have a use-case where we want to know all the versions that a Maven project gets per dependency tree even if they are omitted.

Per maven-dependency-plugin documentation the "verbose" option has been discontinued since Maven 3 and "tree" Mojo of dependency goal is not more able to show the omitted dependencies.

I am using Maven 3.5.0 and tried using an additional installation of Maven 2.x, but that yields compatibility issues with Java 8 apps.

Is there a way to get verbose dependency tree output in Maven 3?


You can use

mvn dependency:tree -X

which produces the debug output.

Otherwise stated in the documentation about verbose -

Notice this feature actually uses Maven 2 algorithm and may give wrong results when used with Maven 3.

Edit: As pointed by Brad in the comments, the verbose flag has been would be reintroduced for the 3.2.0 release and further.


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