Not sure how to word this. I've set up a custom post type in WordPress called Products. I also have two taxonomies linked to Products called Brands and Categories. When you create a product you can set to which Brand and Category the product belongs. It works perfectly when using the type as permalink to list everything within a type


but I can't seem to get the taxonomies working in the same way, ie. list all the items within a taxonomy (like an archive, I suppose):



Is this possible, and if so, what could I possibly be doing wrong? I would try and set up some rewrite rules in functions.php, but I don't know what the query string looks like if you want to list items in a taxonomy, and if this is even possible. If it helps, I'm using the plugins More Types and Ultimate Taxonomy Manager to create the types and taxonomies.

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There's not really a way to do this yet. WP is moving this direction and with 3.1 is setting up a top-level for custom post types, but still nothing for taxonomies. It's klunky but I added a page called page-products.php and then put my list in there.

$toplevelterms = get_terms($taxonomyname, 'hide_empty=0&hierarchical=0&parent=0');
$termchildren = array();
foreach ($toplevelterms as $toplevelterm) {
    $termchildren[] = $toplevelterm->term_id;
foreach ($termchildren as $child) {
    $term = get_term_by('id', $child, $taxonomyname);
    $write .= '<li>';
    $write .= '<a href="' . get_term_link($term->name, $taxonomyname) . '">' . $term->name . '</a>';
    if ($term->description) $write .= apply_filters('the_content', $term->description);
    $write .= '</li>';
if ($write) echo '<ul class="clearfix">' . $write . '</ul>';

FYI the correct link for that plugin (I'm the author) is now http://www.get10up.com/plugins/simple-custom-post-type-archives-wordpress/

And it should really be done using the built in archives feature in 3.1 - the plugin was built for 3.0.


There is a Trac ticket for this, but it's not clear what would the most obvious thing to show on this page:

  1. a list of all posts attached to any term of that taxonomy, or
  2. a list of all terms of this taxonomy?

A similar question on the WordPress Stack Exchange asked for option 2, and your question can be interpreted both ways: when you say all items within a taxonomy, do you mean all terms of this taxonomy, or all posts that are linked to a term of this taxonomy?

Currently the main query (the Loop) that you can control with the query vars will always return posts, not terms. As said in the ticket, option 2 would require the Loop to return terms for this query, possibly causing compatibility issues for themes that don't have a template for it. Until that is implemented, David's answer is probably the way to go.


Thanks for the answers! I've found a plugin that does exactly what I wanted - after manually coding everything :/


  • The plugin description doesn't say anything about creating archive page templates for custom taxonomies, only for custom post types. Are you sure this solves the former? Aug 19, 2014 at 19:05

Use the WP htaccess Control Plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-htaccess-control/

In the options , you can remove the base of taxonomies you select. Worked for me, hope It works for you as well :)

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