While working on Firebase is exciting, it makes it difficult to search a particular data item in the database just to update it manually for some reason. It takes a whole lot of time to locate the item manually using Firebase Database interface which is a collapsible tree structure. It is okay for a small DB with few records but not a way to go for large databases with thousands of records.

Any suggestions? Is there some development happening in that direction by Firebase team or the community?


Try Firestation: https://www.firestation.io/

It allows SQL like queries on Firebase data.

  • Thank you, @marchew! This is exactly I needed for a long time. This tool will definitely help Firebase community. – Manoj Goel Apr 27 '18 at 10:46

Try this https://firebaseadmin.com/

Cant write SQL like queries but firebase queries.

For setup goto: Firebase Console -> Choose the App-> Settings -> Service accounts -> Firebase Admin SDK -> Generate new Private key and Import it to firebaseadmin.

URL: https://console.firebase.google.com/project/zflikz/settings/serviceaccounts/adminsdk


I have found and tried both Firestation.io and firebaseadmin.

I think firestation would have helped me but the project looks abandoned. Downloads and runs fine. But I cannot insert, select into my firebase DB.

EDIT: I can select, insert and update. But it is VERY slow and only returns 50 records.

Tried build from github but not working. The project and all of its forks have not been changed for more than a year now...

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