I trained a model with Keras. Now I want to deploy it via Tensorflow serving. Therefore, I converted it to the SavedModel format in that way:

    K._LEARNING_PHASE = tf.constant(0)
    # sess = K.get_session()
    if not os.path.exists(path):
    export_path = os.path.join(
        tf.compat.as_bytes(str(get_new_version(path=path, current_version=int(version)))))
    print('Learning phase', K.learning_phase())
    print('Exporting trained model to', export_path)
    builder = tf.saved_model.builder.SavedModelBuilder(export_path)

    model_input = tf.saved_model.utils.build_tensor_info(model.input)
    model_output = tf.saved_model.utils.build_tensor_info(model.output)

    prediction_signature = (
            inputs={'inputs': model_input},
            outputs={'output': model_output},

    with K.get_session() as sess:

            sess=sess, tags=[tf.saved_model.tag_constants.SERVING],


I started using by Tensorflow serving (installed Tensorflow-model-server via apt-get install). But my model is 376 MB in size (both saved_model.pb and variables folder) and prediction time is very high (about 0.3 second per request) and when rps increases the latency decreases.

So, I want to optimize my model, does anybody know some tricks to do it?

P.S. My model in Keras is saved with save_model(model).


Some thoughts:

  1. Be sure you didn't leave any queues (e.g. FIFOQueue) in your serving model. Those are often used in training to hide I/O latencies, but can hurt serving performance.

  2. Consider enabling batching multiple inference requests together into a single call to the TF model/graph. See --enable_batching, with tuning via --batching_parameters_file.

  3. Other than those tips, you'll have to look into the structure of your model itself. Perhaps others have insights on that.

-Chris (TF-Serving team)

  • Thank you for answer, Chris, could you tell about FIFIQueue in model? – streamride Sep 27 '17 at 22:38
  • And am I right, that when I do saving model, the graph freeze? – streamride Sep 27 '17 at 22:39

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