I want that my Php script (myscript.php ) that i have deployed on a public host gets the Facebook user access token (with my facebook account) from Facebook. I don't want user interaction with login procedure where to inser user and pass. Is it possibile and how can be made? I understand the SDK is not useful for this scenario.

For now my script is:

    require_once ('../php-graph-sdk-5.x/src/Facebook/autoload.php');

    $fb = new \Facebook\Facebook([
    'app_id' => 'myappid',
    'app_secret' => 'mysecret',
    'default_graph_version' => 'v2.10',]);

    $helper = $fb->getRedirectLoginHelper();
    try {
        $response = $fb->get('/me', $accessTokenEntity->getValue());

    catch (\Facebook\Exceptions\FacebookResponseException $e) {

    echo 'Graph returned an error: ' . $e->getMessage();
     catch (\Facebook\Exceptions\FacebookSDKException $e) 
        echo 'Facebook SDK returned an error: ' . $e->getMessage();

    $me = $response->getGraphUser();
    echo 'Logged in as ' . $me->getName();

Copied from gitub example but i think it s not good for my scenario. And the output is

"Fatal error: Call to a member function getValue() on null in ..."

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    i just need to read the headline to answer that question: no, of course not. – luschn Sep 27 '17 at 10:16
  • Ok, thanks. Do you think is possible to make a workround to autofill the Login prompt or anything else whith my facebook account credential, server-side o client-side? – Jump Sa Sep 27 '17 at 10:25
  • it does not really matter if it´s possible, it´s definitely not allowed. why not just do it the right way, with an extended user token? it is valid for 60 days. – luschn Sep 27 '17 at 10:28
  • OK, you are right, i ll do in this way. Thanks 1000 – Jump Sa Sep 27 '17 at 10:38

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