I'v got a lot of PNG files and directories with PNG files in one folder. How can I replace every file with specified one using Linux command?

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow! You're question is not 100% clear. Please provide an example of the desired output of the folder structure and files? – John Veldboom Oct 1 '17 at 3:17
  • In directory / there are directories /a and /b . In /a there is A.png and B.png . In /b there is x.png and y.png . I would like to replace every png file with MMM.png. So after replacing every file in / will keep its name but content will change to MMM.png content – user8650320 Oct 1 '17 at 6:00

Notice: Backup your files before you try this. The command below will overwrite the image files on your system.

Assuming you have a directory structure like this:

├── a.png
├── a1.png
├── a2.png
├── b.png
├── b2.png
├── b3.png

And want to replace ALL those png files in directories /a and /b with the contents of MMM.png. This command will find all the png files in those two directories and replace them with the contents of MMM.png.

find /a /b -name '*.png' -exec cp /MMM.jpg {}  \;

If you need to add more directories to the list (for example /c and /d), just separate them with a space.

find /a /b /c /d -name '*.png' -exec cp /MMM.jpg {}  \;

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